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When They Leave us...

"He Puts My Tears In A Bottle..."

          Psalm 56:8

Welcome to Cole River's Tears! Are you grieving a pet? Do you feel like no one understands the hurt and pain that you feel? You are in the right place. I welcome you with open arms and ensure you that you are not alone. Cole River's Tears is dedicated to helping grieving pet owners walk through the healing process through using the creative arts as therapy.

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Cole River's Tears

 How Creative Expression Can Help You Cope With Grief & Start the Healing Process After Losing a Pet 

This site is dedicated to ALL Pet Owners who have lost their Fur baby and are grieving their beloved one. I can speak from my own experience of loss and I

am here to encourage you and give you a creative outlet to express the love you

have toward your pet.

 I lost my Fur baby, Cole River Knight, on September 19, 2016. God blessed me with the gift of Cole for 7 beautiful years. Seven years of companionship full of loving, learning, growing and giving.  As devastating as it was, Cole died right in front of me.  I was on vacation and decided to come back earlier than planned. I picked Cole up from the kennel and two days later, he passed. As I reflect back on the events prior to his death, I see how God orchestrated my life events in such a way so I could be there at the end of Cole's life.  For this I am grateful! God knows me so well and He knew I had to be present during this transition.  If God hadn't rearranged my day, Cole would have passed away at the kennel where he was "supposed"  to still be on September 19. God knew it would have devastated me if Cole would have passed away at the kennel.  We serve a God that is deeply acquainted with us. 

Through my pain and tears, I am comforted that God cares about my sorrow and loss. God has helped me to be able to grieve Cole's life through art expression.   God understands your pain…your loss...your tears. He cares! Did you know that every tear He puts in His bottle?  It says in Psalm 56:8,"You have seen me tossing and turning through the night. You have collected all my tears and preserved them in your bottle! You have recorded every one in your book." 

I want to know your story and all about your beloved fur baby. One thing that helps us to walk through the grieving process is EMPATHY, and I want to empathize with you.  I SEE YOU!  I FEEL YOUR LOSS! Our Tears are special to GOD! Artistic Expression has helped me navigate the grieving process.  My tears and pain have built a new type of creative platform  that I now stand on.  May this site, may my words and the creative art services I offer be a seed to start your healing process.  

My pain is much better than where it was over 10 months ago, but I am still healing. I still cry. I still mourn. I still think of Cole everyday! So...let's take this journey together as we heal!  Here...take my hand as we walk through this process together. I got you!


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Cole River's Tears 

Offering therapeutic creative arts services and pet memorial products to help you cope with your pet loss grief


The Mason Jar

Memorial Project

~ A Time To Heal...To Remember ~


~ 2 Hour Creative Art session at your home or office

~Assistance and guidance as you create your Mason Jar Memorial 

~ Core supplies provided to create 

a simple Personalized Memorial are shown-  which include:

 a. Mason Jar- Clear or Turquoise

 b. The protective layer and solution for your picture  

~   A Time To Journal, To Express, To Reflect, To Share. Tears In a Bottle Activity/Discussion honoring your beloved fur baby.

~ Assistance with Creating a Personalized Affirmation and Prayer 

** Customer to provide ;

1. Own photo of your pet(2 copies suggested, size shown 4x6)

2. Any Additional designs for a more personalized jar (i.e stickers,words,props,etc)

Mason Jars can be personalized to your liking, style and or design.  We can tailor make your project for what you have in mind for your vision.

Sessions starting at $75.00 an hour- depending on size of group, Mason Jar Theme and travel.

Handmade Memorial Mason Jar

( as shown)also sold al carte for $35.00. 

Shipping and handling charges may apply.


ButterFly Stone Coaster

~ Healing In The Wings. Touching Stone, Creating Art ~


~ 2 Hour art session at your home or office

~ Talk, Express, Guided Journal writing session

~ Core Supplies for Project 

a. A choice of white washed or brown stone 

b.Sealant/glue for coaster  

c. Felt grips for bottom of coaster. 

* Coasters can be personalized to your liking, style and or design.  We can tailor make your project.

Session starting price -$75.00 an hour contingent on group size, project theme and travel

Handmade ButterFly Coasters also sold al carte for $25.00.  Personalized Design can be discussed

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        Meet Cole River's Tears Creator

                      ~ Lori Knight ~

Creator of Art, Butterfly & Dog Lover, Facilitator, Poet, Happy Wife, Evolving Life, Speaker, Writer

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Lori is a former Geriatric Subacute Social Worker. She worked in a critical care environment for over 20  where she witnessed a lot of death and dying.  She provided encouragement and psycho-social support to countless patients, staff and their families. She facilitated many grief support sessions and provided numerous hours of empathy and support. She has her Bachelor's of Art degree in Psychology and a Master's of Art in Gerontology. Lori believes although degrees are essential and good - at the end of the day, what truly matters is having a genuine heart for people. Lori enjoys many different hobbies which include: creating art, journaling, making greeting cards, designing jewelry, recycling, upcycling and writing poetry. She has been married to her KNIGHT for 4 years. They live in the Northern California with their 2 new puppies - Nike & Gigi. Through this business, Lori hopes to help pet owners who have experienced loss to learn how to grieve and also heal so they can live and love again.


Meet Cole River Knight. Cole was born in November 2009 and passed in September 2016. He was protective, friendly, and always loved to cuddle. Cole was also very intuitive and loving. Through the seven years of his life, he became not just the family pet, but he was family. He is dearly missed and his memory will live on forever in our hearts.


Cole and I enjoyed walking near the water.  Took this picture on one of our walks.  I call this, " Me and my Maltese shadow."

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