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What is it about the Butterfly?

Some have asked, " What is it About The Butterfly?"

I love God. I worship Him...not The Butterfly! Yet I know He sends the Butterfly to me,I worship and grateful for the fact that He sends this beautiful, amazing creature to encourage me and remind me that He hears my prayers. I feel God and see Him working in and through all situations in my life, as well as in the lives of others. The Butterfly is a personal spiritual ritual I developed with God many, many years ago. There have been times in my life that I will pray for a sign or pray for clear direction about a particular situation or decision I need to make - I will engage in my personal spiritual ritual with God and "God if you want me to do this...or that ....Please send me a sign," which is The BUTTERFLY. And He does in some form or fashion! This is how I know God is real and that He hears my prayers. He hears your prayers. I am witness this is GOD and not coincidence working. Period! There are countless stories I can tell you about my," Spiritual Ritual." Let me share one story that is so special to me. Cole, my fur baby died on September 19, 2016. I was so sad. Down. Depressed. My husband wanted to "Fix" me (bless his heart) and help me get through this season because he loves me and couldn't stand to see me in so much pain. On September 21st, my husband came home and surprised me with a new puppy! Some may say, " O wow, he went out and got a new puppy so fast." And I say "Yes, we did!" It was something I thought right after Cole's death, but dismissed that fleeting thought- due to the fact that I was grieving and trying to honor Cole. Now I see this was the healing I needed. Everyone's healing and time frame of when to move on is different. We were not replacing Cole. It was replacing the love of a pet and filling the void of having cared for a pet for almost 8 years. I had to fill that void to start the healing process of my emotions. I love dogs! I say that if you love dogs or love pets, you need to fill the void and replace that need. So back to my story. I was certainly surprised when my husband brought the new puppy home. We named him Nike - he is black and white. That day I had on black and white Nike tennis shoes, so I said " Let's name him Nike."

So here I have the new pup. New emotions. New love, new training. New everything! Yet, I am still grieving and thinking about Cole. Whew it was a lot needless to say! I was starting to think ,"What have I done?" You know... the second guessing you do after you make a decision. One morning shortly after that, I was outside with Nike in the front yard waiting for him to potty before I left for work. It was probably 4:15am in the morning...still dark outside. I look down to see if he was done, THEN all of a sudden a " White Butterfly " is hovering over Nike! I had to do a double take! I had to blink to see if what I was seeing was really there! And it was - a White Butterfly in the dark. Imagine that! I smiled. I felt a warmness in my heart. Because in my darkest hour, in the darkness of twilight, God in His love and faithfulness- ushered in a White Butterfly to assist in my healing process. I heard God say, " I got you Lori...the new puppy is a gift...and its OK!" In that moment I was assured that moving on was not dishonoring Cole... it was not forgetting Cole's life,but it was receiving something new to love! It was part of the JOURNEY towards HEALING.




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